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Regalia Hire

Canterbury NZFGW Regalia Hire Service

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The Canterbury NZFGW Trust Board provides a service hiring regalia for graduations, school prize givings and casual hire.

The proceeds from this service goes towards providing scholarships and awards for students of Canterbury and Lincoln universities, Summer Studentships for the University of Otago Christchurch School of Medicine and charitable donations to a wide range of community organization in the fields of education, health, the arts and community services.

Graduation regalia
University of Canterbury – graduands should download the Regalia Orders form from the University of Canterbury graduation web page.

Lincoln University – graduands should contact the Graduation Office

CPIT -  graduands should contact the Records Office

All Other Hires
For all other information regarding the hiring of academic regalia
Phone 3643590
PO Box 6733
Upper Riccarton

Our rooms are at 9 Creyke Road, Ilam.  Office hours are Tuesdays between 9.30am – 2pm

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Tradition of
Academic Dress

The practice of wearing academic dress at formal university events is an historic link to the medieval origins of the university and academic life. 

While today, the wearing of gown, hood and trencher is largely restricted to ceremonial occasions, for the teachers and students of the twelfth and thirteen centuries these garments were their everyday wear, based on the clothing worn by the clergy, who, in the main, staffed the earliest universities.

The utilitarian medieval clothing has become a rich and colourful garb.  The colour of the hood indicates the degree of the wearer and while most bachelor and masters gowns are black, doctoral gowns can be very colourful and elaborate.  The officers of the university, are often resplendent in gowns decorated with gold lace.

For most graduates, the only time they will wear academic dress is at their graduation ceremony a tradition which dates from the twelfth century. At the University of Canterbury, all those choosing to graduate in person must wear the correct academic regalia for their degree.


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